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Hello my delicious kittens. I do the profile of women (no). Everything with a lot of abundance and of course plenty of lust.

Surely, you may have heard that chubby women are much firmer, right? well, this is very true. I don’t deny it, I really love a good footprint.

I am very chubby, but also very sexy, as you can see in my photos and videos (totally real). My physical biotype is specially designed for men who are not afraid of women, with meat, delicious to catch and whatever else you can imagine lol.

I am 25 years old (my birthday is on 5/16, born in 1991).

Let’s go to the details:

Bull sign

Height: 1.68 in height (with heels I get from 1.80 to 1.90)

Weight: 100 kg (well distributed in my body)

Breasts: 154 cm (large and natural, my site is number 54)

Butt: Medium (but wait until you see him at 4)

Hair: Currently short and with blonde highlights

Feet: 38

Mannequin: 46

That’s it kittens, I’m all white, from my pink pussy, shaved, smelling even my ass đŸ™‚

Call me now!

I’m always wet waiting for a tasty boyfriend to make me come. Come on!


Real BBW and very fiery, come and try it!

Plus Size Escort / BBW from Brasil

Loves, I can say that I am one of the best BBW you have ever met.

A Sexy Chubby Is Hot!


About my company

First of all I am super affectionate and very flirtatious, I like to please my boyfriends, making their fetishes and fantasies. I love sex, I’m really addicted to sex. I like to enjoy tasty and if it is not cool for me I say, okay? rsrsrsrs … I’m very sincere. After all I want to feel and give a lot of pleasure. I like men of all ages and colors đŸ™‚

Man for me has to be very fragrant, is the tip loves

Kisses a lot of kisses on the little mouth (of course, no bad breath, right, loves)

Oral suck tasty, very wet without a condom (if clean and healthy)

Anal love it!!! If you know how to make it tasty and with love, without hurry of course, I even come to enjoy giving the ass, hmmm. I like to give him on all fours and side by side hummmm delight, just thinking… And you, like how?

But if I’m rushed and hurt myself, I stop and don’t do it anymore.

Vaginal my pussy and super smelling shaved and pink, I like to give in all positions mainly four that fits tasty, but I go over the top, side, and roasted chicken.

Spanish I love to feel your dick fucking my big tits and at the same time I licking the head of your dick, until you come tasty.

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And of course, to make my boyfriends delight.

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